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Welcome to the 2017-18 KSCDE Season!

Greetings KSCDE Family! Welcome to the 2017-18 KSCDE Season! We are excited about this season. It is always refreshing to have returning ensemble members ready to step their game up. To all new ensemble members, we cannot wait to see you shine and hone in on your craft. Together you all will refine, polish, and uplift one another. Begining next Wednesday, all ensemble members and parents will begin receiving the KSCDE Weekly Bulletin or simply the "WB". This will include all vital information about rehearsals, photo shoots, costume fittings, dance castings, studio closings/cancellations, workshops, upcoming performance, directions to venues, and so much more. Make sure you review them and update your own calendar accordingly. The WB will be a weekly Wednesday email check for all. Parents- please review the KSCDE information that was sent out. Make sure that you print out the form, sign it, and bring in on Friday. If you have not received any information or having issues opening up the documents, please do not hesitate and email us immediately. Dancers- you first set of rehearsals begin this weekend. Yaaaaaaaaaaay! #switchleap #penche

  • Friday 9/8 7-10pm at Joe's Movement Emporium

  • Saturday 9/9 11:30am-1:30 pm at Adinkra Cultural Studios; followed by a lunch break at Joe's; resume rehearsal at 2 pm at Joe's. Ms. Smith has already assigned who will stay until the desired time, but note that right before a performance rehearsal for all will end at 7 pm on Saturdays.

  • Wear all black dance attire (skin tone tights are allowed);

  • Hair pulled back in a bun; dance bag should have a refillable water bottle; required medication (if applicable), warm-up attire (sweater, jazz/yoga pants/fleece).

BE READY TO MOVE WITH A PURPOSE AND SWEAT (because dancers do tend to get sweaty). Follow us on Twitter at @KSCDE1, Instagram @KSCDE, and on! Peace & Blessings! KSCDE Staff

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